Essential Electronics for Your Home on Black Friday

Retailers clean out slow-moving inventory during Black Friday and clear the shelves for in-demand items. It’s also a great time to score gifts for friends and family. So, what are the best Black Friday deals? Keep reading to find out.

Smart Smoke Detector

Adding smart smoke detectors to your home is one of the best things you can do to help keep your family safe. When working smoke alarms are present, the risk of dying in a house fire drops by up to 50 percent. So snag a Black Friday deal on a new model that can flash your lights or shut off your HVAC system if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide. To find the right smart smoke detector, consider what features are most important to you. For example, you may want a model that can play calming or multi-room synchronized music instead of just chirping when an alert comes. Or you might be looking for a device that can be linked to your smart home and automatically call emergency services or send a signal to someone who lives in the house. Many stores offer affordable smart smoke and CO2 alarm that integrates with Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit, Google Assistant or a smart home hub. It offers some premium features, such as dual sensors that prevent false alarms and a battery life that lasts up to a year. When shopping for the best deals on smart smoke detectors, price-tracking websites and apps are a good place to start. For instance, Consumer Reports tracks prices at various outlets for the products it rates, and mobile apps let you scan bar codes or QR codes to compare prices and get coupons.

Smart Lighting

Most of us never give our home lighting a second thought, but smart lights can automate the system, so you don’t have to think about it. For instance, some designs feature motion sensors that turn on lights whenever someone skulks around in your home, making it harder for burglars to hide. Other features include setting schedules to automatically match with sunrise and sunset or turning off your lights when you leave the house (or when you forget to turn off them). Luckily for budget-conscious shoppers, there are affordable options that can make smart lighting more accessible for your home. Walmart Black Friday deals are a great example—they have many choices of lighting that have the power to change colors and don’t require a hub to work, meaning you can plug it into your current fixtures and lamps and get going without a massive overhaul. Other affordable solutions allow you to switch your existing bulbs with a new LED version and can be controlled through the company’s app or paired with other smart devices via IFTTT. If you want a more robust solution, check out systems like Philips Hue that offer voice activation and work with your favorite virtual assistants—like Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. Whether shopping for a gadget for yourself or gifting it to a loved one, Black Friday offers the best deals of the year on the most popular electronics and essentials to help upgrade your home. Be sure to sign up for a loyalty program at your local store, as many retailers send out early alerts on their sales to loyal customers.

Smart Speakers

A smart speaker is an ideal way to add voice assistant functionality to your home without adding a smartphone or tablet. Normally Wi-Fi-enabled, they support online music streaming from services like Spotify and your playlists. They can also answer questions, set alarms and timers, make phone calls and more. Some can also control other compatible devices like thermostats and light bulbs. The smart speaker you choose depends largely on your ecosystem. The HomePod Mini is your best bet if you’re an Apple user. Alternatively, a Google Assistant speaker like the Google Home Max might be better if you own Nest Wi-Fi security cameras or Chromecast.

Another key consideration when shopping for a smart speaker is its audio quality. Look for units with superior microphones to reduce the chance that commands will be misunderstood or missed. Some models can pair with one or more speakers for stereo playback or multiroom sound, and some even include a built-in Zigbee hub to connect compatible smart home lights, locks, sensors and more. 

Smart Home Technology

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into smart home devices or looking to level up the technology in your short-term rental, Black Friday is a great day to score deals on smart thermostats, robot vacuums, security cameras, smart lights, and more. These devices can save money, help you live safer, and make your life easier, so they’re worth the investment. To save money, check out a smart energy monitor like the TP-Link Kasa HS200, which can help you track your electric bill. If you’re dipping your toes in the smart lighting pool, a dimmer switch like the TP-Link Kasa DS105 is a great option for starting—it works with existing lights and plugs and lets you control them remotely or on a schedule. Consider a smart light bulb that replaces your existing fixture for longer-term use.

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