Chaotic Life? Declutter, Organize, and Strive to Balanced Productivity and Relaxation

The kids are loud and messy, your spouse seems distant and wrapped up in other things, your health is iffy, and your work feels stale. Your whole life seems to be one big jumbled mess of chaos and what-ifs, leaving you feeling blue and anxious over what to expect for the future. You might even find yourself dangling over the precipice of depression.

Balanced Productivity and Relaxation

While therapy is a great idea, there are other ways to balance out your life. Or at least give you the feeling of being more in tune with the things going on around you and relaxing into them.

This article covers how you can declutter, organize, and strive to balance productivity and relaxation to make your life a little less chaotic.

Write Down Your Blessings, Frame Your List, and Hang it Somewhere You Can See It Every Day

Everyone has something to be thankful for, but it can get hard to recognize these blessings through the haze of depressive onsets. Take a minute to focus on what you’re most thankful for.

It can start with something small and silly, like warm cherry pie or the ability to whistle, but try to think of bigger things too, like the love of your children, the support of your best friends, and/or simply being alive to experience the balance of positives and negatives. Frame this list and hang it somewhere, such as your office, where you can see it to reiterate these blessings to yourself.

Declutter Your Belongings into Keeps, Tosses, and Stow Aways

Clutter of your surroundings often comes with clutter of your mind and emotions. When you get rid of the non-essentials that clutter your living and working space, you can begin to unpack the mental negatives that make your life difficult.

Keep. Toss. Stow Away. Go through your home and office with these three bins in mind. Keep what you love and need [i.e. your good motorcycle gear], toss what you have no connection with [i.e. the decorative plates you bought from a thrift store], stow away things you need but not right now [i.e. holiday decorations, etc.]

Side note: Create a routine that feels right to you. Something that leaves business at work and brings happiness home. Think of your home as your safe space. When you leave the office, you should shuck the stress off and head home with a clear mind.

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