4 Popular Home Office Design Ideas

Do you have a job that allows you to work from home? If so, you need a dedicated home office space so you can focus and work without distraction.

Here are four popular home office designs to get you started.

Travel Theme

For a travel themed home office, there are few different directions you can take. Most likely youโ€™ll want a wood desk with dark tones. Your walls can be light colored in a cream or off-white to contrast with the darker furnishings and decorations. Purchase a globe or armillary to decorate a shelf or countertop. For wall hangings, think about adding a world map wall clock or full-size framed map.

Nautical Theme

If youโ€™re considering a nautical theme, youโ€™re going to want to go with lighter tones. A light gray desk or gray, reclaimed wood desk would go nicely. Paint the walls white or light blue shades. For dรฉcor, look for a sextant or spy glass to adorn your shelves. For wall hangings, consider a nautical map, knot display or even an anchor and chain.

Nerdy Theme

For those who have a nerdy side, thereโ€™s a lot of options you can choose from. Go for brighter, primary colors. Perhaps paint accent walls in contrasting colors. Find posters of your favorite video game or comic book and plaster them on the walls. Put up a bookshelf dedicated to housing your memorabilia such as action figures, models and comic books.

Western Theme

A western theme is also a fun choice for a home office. Aim for tan to light brown wall colors. A leather-covered desk would be a great addition to a room like this. For wall hangings, choose pictures of horses, western paintings or even a pair of horseshoes. A cool bit of dรฉcor for a western home office would be a full-size saddle sitting in the corner of the room.

Whatever your tastes, find a theme that fits you and your personality.

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