How to Save Time on Your Beauty Routine

It is often difficult to achieve the look you desire in the mornings if you are constantly crunched for time. Below are some simple tricks to give you room to elevate your daily makeup look. 

Streamline Your Skincare Routine

Having a multi-step skincare regimen is common, but using a variety of products can be ineffective when getting ready in the morning. However, there are several ways to save time without sacrificing the care your skin requires to be its healthiest. Use products that are multifunctional or can be applied in the shower or before bedtime for less of a hassle taking care of other tasks before you officially begin your day.  

Invest in Eyelash Extensions

Curling your eyelashes and adding multiple coats of mascara can eat up precious time that could be used for other aspects of your appearance. Eyelash extensions provide the look of a natural eyelash, but fuller and longer. Finding a salon that provides this service near you is as simple as an internet search. If you live in Suffolk County, searching for “lash extensions suffolk county” can give you a list of local businesses that specialize in eyelash extensions.

Use Multifunctional Makeup

Many makeup products, if used smartly, can serve multiple purposes. For instance, lipstick is a popular substitute for eyeshadow and blush. Using the same shade for more than one feature can create a uniform look. Cutting down the number of products you are including in your makeup routine is an easy way to add valuable minutes, freeing up time to do things like grab a cup of coffee or pack a lunch ahead of time. 

Whether your aim is the ability to explore more makeup looks or having a few spare moments before work or school, you can use these tips to do more with your mornings. 

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